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Stay at our hotel!

Stay at our hotel!

We’d love for guests to come stay at our hotel. It’s a fantastic way for everyone to connect with nature. We truly represent what we are passionate about: nature and animals all around us.

Our hotel is a relaxing and peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the big-city life, like Vancouver. It’s a great way to take a breather and chill. We don’t provide technology so that you can minimize and enjoy the trip without the constant iPhone notifications going off every minute. Are you excited? We’re located in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. Come and hang out with us!

Our incredible premium suite provides you with the best comfort setting with great complimentary hospitality. The suite contains a massive bed, without the distractions of technology. A decked-out private patio, and private kitchen, and everything you could possibly want is already here! Come grab breakfast with us in the morning time as well. Want to know more? Contact us to know about pricing because it really varies depending on the season. Stays include a full breakfast.

Great activities to do in the summertime include the incredible hikes, fishes and swims to catch! There are plenty of awesome activities to do nearby. In the winter, we can help you get on the best tours around, and so snowshoeing as well! It’s always fun skating on the dense ice.

When you’re interested, send us a request with when you’re planning to stay over!…