Is British Columbia A Good Place To Retire?

Is British Columbia A Good Place To Retire?

British Columbia is a province of Canada, it is situated between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. British Columbia is the third on the list of the most crowded province of Canada, with 4.8 million people. British Columbia was the name given by Queen Victoria when the area was a British colony. Many cities of the British Columbia are often regarded as the best cities to live in Canada. British Columbia has many small sleepy towns, which serves the purpose of retirement town for many old age residents of Canada.

Reasons to stay in British Columbia 

Due to the geographical location of British Columbia, it has a mild weather and some breathtaking views. Most of the Columbian cities have affordable taxes, good wages, high standard of living, great health facilities and admirable education system. British Columbia is also known for its cultural diversity and a good range of job opportunities.

Living standards:

Canada is often regarded as one of the best countries to live in, and British Columbia province is one of the best places to reside in Canada. British Columbia province is famous for its mountains, glacier-fed lakes, beaches with a beautiful sunset and a forest of 600000 square kilometers.  There are many exciting things to do and see in British Columbia. Low crime rate and admirable health facilities is also a reason for its high standard of living.

Job Opportunities:

British Columbia has a strong and workable economy. There are job opportunities for

people with various qualifications and skills. It has a high working standard, where employees are provided with workplace safety, are treated fairly and these facilities empower the employees to have a successful career.

Diversity in Culture:

British Columbia province population has a great mixture of indigenous people and immigrants from around the world, and more than 30 languages are spoken. British Columbia celebrates diversity, the original residents have always welcomed immigrants.

This all makes the British Columbia the most diverse province of Canada.

An Admirable Education system:

British Columbia’s education system believes in excellence and knowledge. Some of the best universities in the world are in British Columbia. It also offers various range of skill development courses.


These are the few reasons why the British Columbia is considered as the best place to stay in, especially for the old age people British Columbia provides a range of retirement friendly towns and cities.

Some retirement friendly towns and cities of British Columbia

West Vancouver:

West Vancouver is the best place to live in of British Columbia. It is a small town, it has low taxes, low crime rate and above average public transit facilities.


Victoria is well known for its pleasant weather. It has an affordable property tax, it really has a good health facility, the best in Canada.


Nelson is famous for its lakes and mountains. Nelson also has a mild climate and average taxes.

These are the few cities and town in British Columbia, which are regarded as the best place to retire. These places are known for its low crime rate, low taxes, beautiful view, mild climate, and good health facilities.


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